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Our patients regularly provide comments and testimonials on our hospital and services. Below is a sample of what our patients say about our treatment. Since Sexual problems and infertility are related to the privacy and secrecy of their personal life, most of them doesn’t like to publish their identity. Hence names are changed.

""......We have consulted countless doctors who told both of us are fine. Its so frustrating going to doctors that don’t understand.......... First and foremost is finding a doctor who understands your conditions and concerns........... We could achieve penetration with 2 weeks of treatment......... "......"  Sajith & Veena

I was married at the age of 21, while I was doing my post graduation. And now I have been married for 4 years. Initially I was busy with my studies and we enjoyed living together. As a person he was much better than me, very nice, gentleman, with very strong moral and religious values. Everyone told me its a blessing to get such a person these days. He was so understand even he said we will think about kid, only after completing studies and we even we avoided intercourse. But he was interested in me. We both were. But even after one year of massage, when I approached him I started a feeling of rejection. Like he was avoiding situations. Along with this I started receiving questions from public. Telling them, ‘Ya one year is over’, we are planning for a baby was just an excuse.  But the fact that I am still virgin and it was burning inside me. While parents started along all these offering in temple, I felt like what God can do?  if he doesn’t have an intercourse with me? Discussing about this always ended in fights and the gap between both of us started to develop. Even for 3 years we managed not to let the family Know about this. While consulting a gynaecologist, first time we say about the truth that we have difficulty in contacting and they give some suggestion. And later on they will continue the treatment assuming we are doing fine. But really didn’t even make a try. Even my husband, family forced me to go on with checkups like they want to find something wrong with me for not having kids. One day while all of them were planning to meet a new doctor, I told my husband at least let’s make a try, so that we can tell the doctor we failed. But he said his parents are forcing and he got nothings to do with it. Like I was making so much issue by resisting their decision. I felt like am unwanted person in that house. If he doesn’t want a family with me and want to cling on to his parents only, then what is my purpose in his life? I shouted out the truth and called my parents.

            Let my parents know everything, which made it worse. They told me to quit job to concentrate on having a kid. Even my parents told me it has been already too late and since he is having such a problem too let’s have a kid by IVF a kind of treatment.  I was confused. If he didn’t want to have sex will he really want a baby.  And I started already feelings him like a stranger, then why should I have kids. It makes so much stress after that. I went down so sad, always lazy at home, feelings unwanted. Even my husband’s family started using bad words like if not living together let’s go separated and my parent’s felt so shameful to have me back. Its good luck that we ended up here before a break up.

            Finding Dr. Promodu’s clinic and making an appointment was the best thing that our parents did. Of course the treatment was the best. We could achieve penetration with 2 weeks of treatment. Apart from that the homely atmosphere around here and the way treatment proceeds helped us a lot to understand each other and develop an intimacy between us. First and foremost is finding a doctor who understands your conditions and concerns. We have consulted countless doctors who told both of us are fine. Its so frustrating going to doctors that don’t understand.

            Dr. Promodu and team are the best in treatment of patients with sex related problems and give a lot of hope for patients who come to him loosing confidence. His concern for patients and the soothing way of talking sections was so much useful to overcome our performance anxiety. Since we have recovered now, we recommend this place for all other couple facing such problems.


""Any way we also decided to meet Dr. Promodu before taking a final decision for divorce.................... To our surprise we were able to engage in sexual act with at most satisfaction during our sex therapy and today we are leaving the hospital ......."......"  T & T

                                        We would like to keep our privacy hence will not reveal our identity. I am an I.T professional in California (USA) and my wife a house wife. Ours was an arranged marriage initially everything went smoothly but soon I started showing lack of desire  for sexual act and distanced  myself  from  my wife complaining  foul smell at vagina and also complained presence of  excess hairs on her body.  Actually this irritated me. Slowly even my wife started to lose desire for sex. And   thus problems started. We had come to Dr. Promodu’s   institute in December 2015 for the first time.  By then   we had completed   3 ½ years of our married life and also we had attended counselling at USA, to overcome these problems. We sat for 3 sessions, but no result.

               During our 1st visit to doctors at Dr.Promodu’s institute itself they had identified our problems. But we had to rush back to USA as I had no excess leave.

But again we reached Dr. Promodu’s institute in July, 2017. During  our stay at  California we were suffering from a lot of problems, both medical and psychological  and were not involving in sexual  act  for a long  period .

Most of the time when I showed   sexual desire my wife was not interested and when she showed desire I showed no interests. In this way our life became miserable and fights became a regular part of our day, to day activities. We decided to get separate. Any way we also decided to meet Dr. Promodu before taking a final decision for divorce as we had visited the hospital few years back. Doctor assured full support and result if we are willing to co-operate for sex therapy.

As a last step, before getting separate we got admitted to Dr. Promodu’s Institute. To our surprise we were able to engage in sexual act with at most satisfaction during our sex therapy  and today we are leaving the hospital  very happily understanding that need  of adjusting, and understanding our  limitation and  importance and role of proper sex in life.

 Thanks to Dr. Promodus Institute.

"And all was started by Dr. Joseph sir. We are very grateful to him for his referral and for providing this timely referral to sustain our marital life......."  Shyma & Rahoof


 I reached Dr. Promodu’s institute of sexual & marital health pvt Ltd at Ernakulam as suggested by our family doctor. But I did not expect much from here. I had reached hospital suppressing a lot of pain, and mental agony with me. It was with this pain, agony and frustration I had sat in front of doctor for my first consultation.

          But today I am leaving this hospital peacefully and joyfully.  It looks as if I have emptied all from my mind and heart and I am feeling very much relaxed.

          The hospital atmosphere, staff and doctors were very good and this was a new experience for me. Dr. Joseph sir from Little Flower hospital had directed us to this hospital. And all was started by Dr. Joseph sir. We are very grateful to him for his referral and for providing this timely referral to sustain our marital life.

                I did not know what I had to say to Dr. Promodu sir during our initial period of treatment. I was praying to almighty and weeping, but slowly everything changed. God heard my prayers and today I am leaving Dr. Promodu’s Institute of Sexual & Marital Health Pvt. Ltd, happily thanking all for understanding our problems and having supported us in the way that Dr. Promodu’s Institute only can do.

Shyma & Rahoof

27th July 2017

"We did not feel that we were admitted for treatment. We only know “It happened which had not happened for the last many years......"  Sumaldev & Sonia

Dear Friends

            My self Sumeldev and my wife Sonia. We got married three year’s ago. But we had a major set back in our marital life. Though we got married 3 years back we were not able to share bed and have a successful sexual relationship. My wife was scared to engage in sexual act and showed disinterest on my attempts, she virtually  put pressure in her thighs and closed her legs tightly and also screamed with fear and use to push me backward.

            Due to this problem we took an appointment form a gynaecologist at Cherthala and consulted her. Doctor gave us some counselling and advised us to use gels before sexual act. Though we tried to have a successful sexual relationship as per the instruction of the gynaecologist to our bad luck nothing materialised and the condition only worsened.  My wife started getting scared of consultations also and showed disinterest in meeting doctors for treatment.    

            With difficulty I convinced my wife and took an appointment with a sexologist, we sat for two to three counselling sessions, but had no much improvements. Mean while one of my friend suggested me to visit Dr. Promodu’s Institute of Sexual & Marital Health Pvt. Ltd which was located at Edappally (Kochi) . Then we visited this institute in 2016 December.  We took Dr. Promodu  appointment and presented our problems. Under his guidance and counselling my wife was asked to be examined by a gynaecologist. She was scared and was not prepared for the same.

            Doctor(gynaecologist) had predicted the reason to be thick hymen and may be due to this reason she is even avoiding examination; a small procedure was suggested for the removal of hymen.  But my wife was scared to undergo the procedure. So we left the hospital.

            Time passed and next  1 ½ year we did not consulted any doctor. This agony followed us we thought that time will change our plight.  But this did not happen, our family member starting putting pressure on us, in the end we decided met a gynaecologist at Tripunithura. The gynaecologist suggested the procedure which was recommended by gynaecologist at Dr. Promodu’s Institute about 1½ year ago.  Accordingly we underwent the procedure on September 2016. But even after this surgery, my wife was scared in engaging in sexual act.

It was then we read the Wright ups  of various couples, who had successfully overcome their problems, with the effective sex therapy at Dr. Promodu’s Institute of Sexual & Marital Health Pvt. Ltd.

So we approached the hospital again on may 2017. Yes I will remember that date through out of my life  .

            Doctor advised us to stay back for two weeks at hospital for sex therapy. We were bit reluctant  and went back home but came back on May 11th for two week stay at hospital for sex therapy.  With a lot of prayer for cure as   this looked to be our last attempt .

            We were welcomed by the hospital staff and we had a memorable two weeks stay at Dr. Promodu’s Institute. We did not feel that we were admitted for treatment. We only know it happen which had not happened for years together.  Thanks to Dr. Promodu sir, his team of doctors and staff. And the god almighty I am putting my experience so that this will help many more.


                                                Thank you very much Dr. Promodu’ sInstitute 


"We consulted many gynaecologists, all of them categorically told me “there is no solution for your problem ....... it may end up in divorce”. Dr. Promodu assured 100 % success and gave us enough confidence. His motivation has provided a new dimension to our life and a desire to live......."  Shabna


            My name is Shabna. I am 22yrs old and residing in malappuram district. I got married 1½ years ago, My husband is working abroad. I have not entered into a sexual act yet. I am scared to get engaged in the act. My husband visited India four times after our marriage, but we could not perform sexual act during all occasions as a result of my fear for the same.

            We consulted many gynaecologist, all of them categorically told me”  there is no solution for your problem other than your co operation so you have to cooperate with your husband otherwise it may end up in divorce’ Even after my whole hearted efforts I am not able to engage successful in this act. My family member have started putting pressure on me, it may even result is divorce. I am mentally broken now. People around me started blaming me.

            In the mean time my husband reached back home, left his job abroad.  He was annoyed and disgusted.  He took me to Dr. Pfizer, he is a renowned Psychiatrist. Dr Pfizer had given a referral letter and asked us to visit Dr. Promodu Institute of Sexual and Marital Health Pvt. Ltd at Ernakulam. Though Dr. Pfizer referred us on 20-08.2016 we thought to try our self but were not successful. So visited the institute on 08-04-2017

            We met Dr. Promodu’s and his team of doctors. We were examined and instructed for an admission for 15 days at hospital. Dr. Promodu assured 100 % success and gave us enough confidence. His motivation has provided a new dimension to our life and a desire to live. Today we have completed 15 days of treatment. Sorry, not treatment it was a honeymoon trip experience. Today me and my husband are extremely happy and enjoy every movement of our life. Thanks to Dr. Promodu, his team of doctors and staffs.

            Had we not have came to Dr. Promodu’s Institute as per Dr. Pfizer referral. I would have even lost my life. Thank god and thank you sir for all your guidance and support.     

"Words cannot describe how grateful we are for you......"  Mrs & Mr. Maria

We are writing this review with praying hands. We are married for over three years and couldn’t have successful sexual intercourse. Tremendous metal pressure followed us throughout this period.  We were in dire need for a proper and genuine treatment but unable to find one. Ultimately by God’s Grace, We heard about Dr. Promodu’s Institute and approach them.

      As per their advice we underwent 2 weeks treatment at the institute. We got professional guidance from Dr. Promodu and Sr. Simi throughout the treatment period. They were able to diagnose our problems with the constant feedback sessions. As the treatment progressed, all our misconceptions were thrown off.  Day by day our anxiety levels got reduced. Finally by the Grace of God Almighty we were able to have successful intercourse on the 11th day of our treatment. We humbly thank Doctor and his team for saving us from the periods of isolation and loneliness. 

     During the treatment period, behaviour of the entire staff members made us a very homely feeling. Facilities provided in the institute are very high class. Utmost priority was given to our privacy in the institute. We will remember forever Dr. Promodu, Sr. Simi and all staff members of the institute for their immense support and guidance and thereby giving a new light in our life.

     If there are couples facing similar issues they can approach Dr. Promodu’s Institute (PISMH) without any hesitation.


          30.06.2017                                                                          Mrs & Mr. Maria. V                     

"Joy of motherhood......"  Joy of motherhood

Nothing else on this earth can bring the joy of becoming a mother. On that day my eyes filled up with the tears of joy. I couldn’t utter a word for few minutes. I couldn’t believe that I became a mother. I am in the greatest excitement of being a mother, Thanks to Dr. Promodu’s Institute.

I never thought I would ever become a mother. There were days that I wanted to end my life and question every decision I took in my life. A decade passed away without enjoying life and sex. Our marriage was in February 2006. It remained as an unconsummated marriage for nine and a half years till we come to Dr. Promodu.

After a decade of long suffering it is miracle only by God’s grace that I recovered and able to lead a normal sexual life. Thanks to God Almighty and Dr. Promodu for saving us. I became a mother on this 31st March and it is the greatest compulsion for me that I must live.


"A Reincarnation......"  Vishnu Dev

We are a 3 ½ year old married couple from Trivandrum, Kerala. We got married after a very long period of committed relationship of 5 years. In those days we found our relationship as an epitome of love & affection. But soon after the marriage, there developed an unknown phenomenon to our relationship. Again we deserve each other very much, but our marriage was not fulfilled to its full extent or to its most meaningful extent. To be frank we didn’t establish a physical relationship. The irony is that, as every other couple we were also longing for that one precious moment, our wedding night to fulfill our longing desires. But as I mentioned earlier due to some strange unknown reason, we didn’t felt the necessity of establishing a physical relationship. That long desire of knowing each other become simply vanished to thin air. After a couple of years of our marriage there started the expected interference from our well wishers. Meanwhile we were simply lying to all our friends and family that we are in a family planning for a couple of years more etc. But somehow everybody came to know the truth and each and everyone took it as their right to interfere (sure for positive results) and their developed a real wedge between us and the later happenings even forced us to think for the extreme, a divorce. But may be because of the sincerity of our relationship, a friend of ours, Dr. Mary PR, a consultant psychiatrist in Trivandrum recommended the institute, Dr. PROMODUS’S INSTITUTRE OF SEXUAL & MARITAL HEALTH to us. Our 1st consultation with Dr. Promodu was surely with an uncertain & disturbed mind with a thousand doubts echoing in our minds. But soon after we talk with him, we both came to know that there is another more scientific approach to tackle our problem. We came to know that Dr. Promodu who is both a consultant psychologist and sexologist had the most sophisticated and scientific approach to deal with our problems. We got admitted in the institute in the mid of January 2017. He started the treatment on the very 1st day itself. The first thing I would like to mention is the ambience the institute has and the attitude of the staff members. We can felt the most professional approach to sexual problems especially in our present society where dealing with sexual problems is something like a forbidden one. During the whole course of the treatment he was accompanied by Sister Sissy who is very friendly and more like an elder sister. The treatment period was more like a honeymoon for us. Those fourteen days we spent in the institute was just like we were on a holiday cruise. Earlier we had a feeling of pride that we know each other than anybody else in the world. That bubble cracked soon after a couple of days and we began travelling back to our old loving days. THE INTIMACY WE HAD DEVELOPED took us to a whole new level of fulfillment of our relationship. Now to conclude that Dr. PROMODUS’S INSTITUTRE OF SEXUAL & MARITAL HEALTH had become our temple and DR. PROMODU had become our idol of worship. These are our true feelings. It gives us a refreshingly new meaning to our life and we are looking forward to live it to its fullest. Our contact details are with the institute and anybody can contact us for any further information regarding the treatment and we are strongly recommending this institute to those who are looking for a solution to their unexplainable marital problems which may be so unique and its our personal guarantee that Dr. PROMODUS’S INSTITUTRE OF SEXUAL & MARITAL HEALTH is surely one of its kind and once you are in you will definitely find yourselves in safe hands. Mr. & Mrs. Vishnu

" Today, 12th January 2017 is the happiest day in my life. I have never been more happy than I am now. I am writing this at the late night since I could not contain my happiness and excitement......."  Arya. U

                                Today, 12th January 2017 is the happiest day in my life.  I have never been more happy than I am now. I am writing this at the late night since I could not contain my happiness and excitement.

I have been married for one year and eight months. Before marriage itself I had apprehension about sexual life especially sexual intercourse. So I discussed with a few of my friends and they told that it is normal to have anxiety before marriage and that will wear away in a few days. On May 25th 2015 I got married. I discussed about my fear of sexual intercourse with my husband and he thought it is just sexual performance anxiety. Day by day my fear of sexual intercourse intensified. Even thinking about touching my vagina made me nervous.

We consulted a gynaecologist and he told it is normal to have pain and anxiety. If needed will provide a lubricating gel. We were so distressed that even a gynaecologist was unable to solve my problem.

I came to believe that it is untreatable. In the course of time we consulted a psychiatrist and she prescribed some medicines for stress relief. On the contrary it increased my anxiety. We browsed internet and came to know that this is a condition called “Vaginismus”. We read different opinions of experts and others about this condition. But all of them giving only theoretical solutions. Then we accepted it is normal for some people to have fear of sexual intercourse and to live with it.

But parents and friends advised us to consult some other doctors, but we could not find one. Even we were not sure which type of doctors to be consulted.

               As luck would have it, we saw an internet video, a TV interview where Dr. promodu was explaining about various sexual disorders in layman’s terms, Vaganismus was one of them. I felt Dr. Promodu was extensively talking exactly about my condition and we decided to consult him. We glance over Dr. Promodu’s website and after reading various topics which is mentioned in the website my husband decided that we consult him as a last resort. Even though I was sceptical I thought of giving it a try. We called Dr. Promodu and took an appointment on 10th December 2016. 

We had a discussion with Dr. Promodu. Doctor assured that this can be treated completely and permanently in 2 to 3 weeks. But I was doubtful since I had an unsuccessful experience previously with the gynaecologist and psychiatrist.

The treatment started from the first day that is 26th December 2016 and my fear and anxiety shows no abation in the initial days. I told sister Simi and doctor that my fear and anxiety is not wearing off. They are well conscious of the extent of my problem and started counselling me and sister Simi had cared me like she is my sister, in that worst early days. Slowly my confidence started building up though I had intermittent mood changes. Dr. Promodu and sister Simi patiently heard me and given me advice. After two weeks of constant advice and treatment my fear was thinning out.

Finally we had successful sexual intercourse on 12- January 2017.

Dr. Promodu and sister Simi made me smile after a long time. Some emotions are so strong that common words that we normally attached will not be able to explain it. So how can I ever “Thank you” enough.

God Bless you Dr. Promodu, Sister Simi and the entire staff.

Arya. U 

"“If you behave like this your husband my go after other women”. From this day on wards my husband had some changes in his character. .............But on 7th day on wards I felt that I have some changes and started to reduce my fear day by day. On 14th day I could engage in sexual intercourse and now I can enjoy life.... ......"  Sajana & Kabeer

I am Sajna from malapuram. I am a teacher. My husband is Advocate Kabeer. We got married on 27th December 2012. It was very happiest day in my life, because we were waiting for an enjoyable life. During our earlier days we tried to have sexual contact. But we could not engage in sexual contact because of my fear. That time my husband told me that, it is natural for all women to have sex at these days, don’t worry about that, it become ready in one or two weeks.

            But when the days passing I revealed that it is impossible to me. My fear increased day by day. After 3 months we consulted a gynaecologist and it was a bad experience. I was very nervous and I didn’t allow the gynaecologist to examine my vagina. Doctor got angry biting his teeth told me in a low voice that “If you behave like this your husband my go after other women”. From this day on wards my husband had some changes in his character. Always he was angry with me. The months passing, I had some doubts about my husband whether he had some connection with any other lady. All nights were very horrible to me. I was crying when he slept. Always I was thinking about that how I can overcome this problem of fear. But it was increasing day by day.

            At that time we heard about Dr. Promodu’s Institute, from our friend Riyas who is a doctor. After several enquiries we decided to consult Dr. Promodu. And we went to Dr. Promodu’s Institute on 21st October 2016. Then we consulted Dr. Promodu and discussed about our difficulties to have sex.  Form his words, “You will recover within three weeks” we got confidence. Then we got admitted at the hospital on 19 December 2016 for our treatment. It was a very calm and quiet place. First day onwards Dr. Promodu and sister simi gave some instructions and we followed that. On that day I was a little nervous about that and thought what magic they are going to do to reduce my fear? But on 7th day on wards I felt that I have some changes and started to reduce my fear day by day. On 14th day I could engage in sexual intercourse and now I can enjoy life. I understood that now only I became a real wife. This is only because of Dr. Promodu’s treatment.  During the treatment days we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary with doctor and the hospital staff. Doctor, sisters and all other staff were very co-operative and very much cared for us.

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