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Most successful shortest treatment of Vaginismus in 3 weeks

(From the paper presented on 31st January at the Joint Congress of ESSM & EFS, Istanbul, Turkey held from January 31 to February 01, 2014.)
Research paper presented by Dr. K. Promodu at the 16th Congress of European Society for Sexual Medicine and 12th Congress of European Federation of Sexology, stated that vaginismus cure can be successfully acheived in 2-3 weeks. Dr. Promodu presented a case study of 78 couples with unconsummated marriages. Out of this 58 females had Vaginismus. Before the consultation at Dr. Promodu’s Institute of Sexual & Marital Health, all of them had undergone multiple treatments from other specialists or clinics in India or abroad without any positive outcome.  Duration of their marriage varied from one month to 18 years.  All the selected patients were admitted to the hospital and given couple sex therapy (psycho sexual therapy). All of them recovered within a period of 2 to 3 weeks' time. They were discharged after successful consummation of their marriage and obtaining the report from the couple that they were able to engage in satisfactory sexual intercourse on a regular basis. Follow up after 18 months showed that 23.1% of such patients had gaven birth to children and 16.7% became pregnant.

Vaginismus is one of the major sexual problems suffered by women in Kerala, India. Vaginismus is an important cause for unconsummated marriages and infertility in women. Many gynecologists consider vaginismus patients as a nuisance because most of them neither allow for examination nor cooperate for any treatment. Any women despite age and experience can be affected by vaginismus.

Dr Promodu discussing about Vaginismus treatment in Kairali TV

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Definition: Vaginismus is the spasm of muscles that surround the vagina, causing occlusion of the vaginal opening. Penile insertion and intercourse become painful or impossible. Vaginismus is a condition where vaginal tightness cause discomfort, burning sensation, pain, difficulty for penetration, or complete inability for penetrative sex. Vaginal tightness is the result of involuntary tightening of the pelvic floor muscle group. The woman may not be aware that this is the cause of her difficulties to engage in penetrative sex.

While some women are even unable to touch their own vagina, a few are able to insert a finger or to cooperate for a gynecological examination but unable to cooperate for penetrative sex. A few can cooperate for partial penetration though it is highly painful.  Some others are able to cooperate for the full insertion of penis, but pain may persist even after the intercourse and makes it an unpleasant experience through out life. This condition may persist lifelong if not treated. Rarely delivered women also develop vaginismus at a later period.

Primary & Secondary vaginismus: Primary vaginismus means a woman has never been able to engage in a pain-free sexual intercourse. When a woman develops the vaginismus after having previously enjoyed problem-free sex, it is called secondary vaginismus.

Common symptoms: Depending on the intensity, symptoms range from a small fear of sexual intercourse to total closure of the vaginal opening making penetrative sex impossible.

  • Difficult to penetrate into the vagina or penetration becomes impossible
  • Pain during sexual intercourse without any apparent reason
  • Tightness of thighs, abdomen or the whole body during the attempts of sexual contact which makes penetration impossible
  • Difficulty or inability to cooperate for a gynecological examination
  • Severe pain during Gynecological examination
  • Tightness of thighs and pelvic area during the gynecological examination
  • Tendency to avoid sexual contact
  • Tendency to make quarrel with the husband during the evening for no reason
  • Unconsummated marriage

How many women have vaginismus?

It was believed that vaginismus is not very common. Study conducted by Dr Promodus Institute in a group of 4003 cases with sexual problems in Kerala, South India found 770 cases of infertility, out of which vaginismus accounted for 17%.

Various studies conducted at different places showed different results. About 20% of the women sought treatment at Masters& Johnson’s Institute had vaginismus. Study conducted at State University of New York Health Science Centre showed a prevalence of approximately 40% (Dunn M E). So vaginismus is not an uncommon condition.       

Causes of Vaginismus: Any infection or inflammation in the vagina, pelvic inflammatory diseases, infection in the urinary tract, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, bartholin’s cyst, sexual arousal disorder or lack of lubrication etc can cause pain during sexual intercourse.

Psychological factors such as past traumatic experiences, anticipatory fear, anxiety, mental stress, dislike towards the partner, strained interpersonal relationship with the partner, unwillingness to have pregnancy, unpleasant home atmosphere etc can lead to vaginismus.  

Treatment: Among the sexual dysfunction in women vaginismus is the most successfully treated problem and vaginismus cure is possible with treatments. Medicines are effective only if there is any organic cause like infection or inflammation. In majority of cases the etiology is psychogenic and in such cases no medicine is effective.  Traditional psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy or counseling is also not effective. The most effective treatment for Vaginismus is sex therapy provided it is done by an expert in an ideal therapeutic atmosphere with the individually tailored therapeutic strategies.

At Dr Promodus Institute we have treated more than 600 cases of vaginismus. Most of them came with the complaints of inability to engage in sexual contact. The oldest case of unconsummated marriage treated successfully at Dr Promodus Institute was of 15 years and 3 months duration. Dr Promodus Institute has 100% success rate in Vaginismus cure

Successful Treatment of Vaginismus: Our patient's experience.

Case 1.

The agony and ecstasy of a priceless gift (Now - 27.8.2016 - this couple got two children)

Her eyes filled with tears of joy, Sery was most excited. Her son’s first birthday! Sery and Muthu with son Sefin dropped in to my consultation room on June 4th, driving all the way from Bangalore just to share this moment of immense happiness and gratitude.  My mind flashed back into memory lane. It was on a rainy day in June, Sery entered my consultation room with drooping eyes, emotionally dismayed and fumbling for words. Muthu feebly explained their pathetic history. Married on 21st May 1993, they visited the institute 15 years later, on 18th June 2008 with history of unconsummated marriage.

During the honeymoon days Muthu thought that it is but natural for any woman to have fear for sex. He waited a long…. almost two years before taking her to a doctor in Thalassery. Sery was obviously nervous and scared of the very thought of a doctor examining her genitalia. Doctor reportedly got annoyed as the attempt to do pelvic examination was futile. They didn’t go for further check up thereafter. About 9 months later, consulted another gynecologist who also didn’t succeed. Then the doctor examined her under general anesthesia and told Muthu that “Sery is perfectly normal, she doesn’t have any physical abnormalities, but suffering from anxiety and fear. It is a psychiatric problem. Probably a good psychiatrist may be able to help”. Being reluctant to consult a psychiatrist, they met a self proclaimed hypnotherapist and underwent hypnosis. But the result was disappointing. Then they consulted a professor of psychiatry who unsuccessfully treated with medicines for nearly six months. As a last resort a narcoanalysis was performed that did not reveal anything special. The doctor reportedly advised the husband “She is under sedation, probably you can try now”. Muthu found his loved one fast asleep and could not get any mood to try. Psychiatric treatment for Vaginismus ended there. Deeply doomed by a series of failures, Sery thought of ending her life, requested Muthu to divorce her so that he could proceed with a second marriage. Their mutual love was so deep that Muthu could not dream of such a step.

In 2005 they visited a counsellor, but had to give up soon when the counsellor misbehaved which further accentuated her plight. Six months later a family friend advised them to meet a religious person in Kuttipuram. One full night of black magic including whipping was done to drive the evil spirit out of her body. Her agony and misery were unparalleled.

It was in June 2008 another friend knowing their tragic story, suggested Muthu to consult at Dr. Promodu’s Institute after detailed enquiries. Thus they reached the hospital on 18th June 2008. Within two days we finished our evaluation of the husband and wife by our team of specialists and arrived at the final diagnosis. Sery has been suffering from vaginismus, which is a condition characterized by severe fear of injury, bleeding or pain and resulting in spasm of muscles that surround the vagina causing occlusion of vaginal opening. In such cases, penile entry is either impossible or painful. This was her actual problem which went undiagnosed / untreated for 15 years. Though a treatment module was prepared specifically for this couple they couldn’t undergo the same as Muthu had to go abroad on the very next day. The couple came back in June 2009 and completed treatment for Vaginismus which lasted for nearly three weeks.  Sery had a marvellous recovery. Their life turned a full circle and she began to enjoy the ecstasy, conceived in the normal way and delivered in June 2012. After 19 years long waiting, for Muthu and Sery it was the God’s most priceless gift.

Strange are the ways of God and medical science!!!

Successful Treatment of Vaginismus: Our patient's experience.

Case 2.

Jeenu just had a providential escape. Not responding to repeated calls, Radhika peeped through the window only to find Jeenu lying on the floor gasping.    She survived the suicidal attempt, thanks to Radhika.  Fed up of living in a lodge and daily visits to the doctor, they had just returned from Mumbai after a month’s treatment for vaginismus, all in vein.  Her condition worsened seeing children playing nearby. Losing her control momentarily, she consumed sleeping pills. Jince and Jeenu had entered wedlock on January 5th 2007.  Since the marriage was unconsummated, they underwent extensive treatment at prohibitive costs in India and abroad which included three IUI’s, one ICSI and Psychosexual therapy, but to no avail.  The couple visited me on 14 Dec 2011  Jeenu was very relieved on learning that the Andrological evaluation of Jince revealed phimosis which causes pain while attempting penetrative sex leading to loss of erection. She told that “everyone including gynecologist was blaming me and doctors never bothered to examine my husband”. The same was surgically corrected as this was also a cause for non consummation of marriage.  Jeenu’s evaluation was suggestive of vaginismus.  The couple was treated with a short course of sex therapy and the marriage consummated within 3 weeks and got Vaginismus cure.  They visited us with the new born in last February.  
For them life had blossomed again, no wonder.

Case 3. The following case history is written by the patient in her own words in the patient feed back (review) section.

I didnt get an opportunity to say Thank You, thats why Im writing a mail.I feel its unfair if I dont share my thoughts too. You have helped me solve a problem of which I was worried about the past 14 years. We have suffered all these years. I could not face the questions from people. As I have told U, I approached many doctors and counsellors for this,but none of them even understood my issue. A few doctors told me "you dont have any problem it is only your fear".But none of them could help me. I dont know how to express my thanks,its something beyond what words can do.

I did not show any excitement because of the stress I had been through over all these years and because I was a little worried last week. I had been quite irritating,that was mainly due to my fear and partly due to some other reasons.But your "extreme" patience alone has helped me. It was very nice, interacting with you. My best wishes for your family life as well as career.May God bless you in making your dream projects come true very soon."

Case 4. The following case history is written by the patient in her own words in the patient feed back (review) section.

" We got married two and a half years back but couldn’t full fill a happy life which we started dreaming since we met and decided to live our life together. During our pre married days, we used to talk a lot about having kids and making our family bigger. During the initial days of our married life, we thought our sexual life was normal as we were happy with the foreplays, but gradually we realised that we were not able to do the intercourse. We were heartbroken and prayed to God to put an end to the sorrows. We constantly searched on the internet to find the best place where we could find all the remedies to the problems we faced. Blessed we were as God guided us to the safe hands.
    Dr. Promodu's Institute of Sexual and Marital Health (PISMH) was the right place to end the two n half years of our grief stricken life. We would definitely thank the persons right from the reception to the cleaner staffs who always welcomed us with a smiling face. We have never felt that we were under treatment for vaginismus as the stay was so homely. The interaction with the renowned and experienced Dr. Promodu along with the well trained nurse gave us a parental feeling and made our treatment for vaginismus possible with much ease. We will be always grateful to this "witty" doctor & all the support staffs for restoring our faith in marriage. The overall ambience of the hospital is highly commendable and has all the facilities and infrastructure demanded by the modern hospitals. The rooms provided were neat and tidy and met all our requirements. The cleaning staffs ensured that the rooms are cleaned on a daily basis.
From our experience we would like to advice that if you are facing the similar problem which we went through, there is nothing to panic and Promodu’s institute is the right place to make your sexual life possible which you might now think is impossible..."

Case 5 Written by the patient in the review section 
My wife was a severe vaginismus patient,we got married 04 years before.At first I thought her fear for penetration as normal,but a famous gynaecologist in Mumbai who couldnt examine her suggested a Fenton surgery for her.There starts our horrible journey of married life as her fear increased because of behaviour of doctors as many doc considered her problem as acting or they didnt consider it as a problem.Countless Gynaecologists and many sexologist including the famous Prakash kothari couldnt sort out the issue.I heard about Dr Pramodu before,but took the decision to get admitted by Jan 14.we got admitted by end jan and we were out of the hospital after successful treatment for Vaginismus .No words to explain about the Doctor.His confidence cleared my wifes doubts about her Vaginismus cure from the condition the first day itself.Head nurse was also very cordial and soft which made her comfortable day by day.In short we had penetrative sex by day 18.Excellent rooms and homely food make this hospital best in the country..Thank you sir you give us back our life."

Case 6 - Written by the patient in the review section 
We have been married for 9 Yrs 6 months. Our problem is we cannot do sex because my wife has pain when attempts penetration.  I don’t have any problems. After marriage we tried sex several times but she keeps her whole body very very tight and moves back.  We consulted many doctors,  gynaecologist & psychologists.  Many of the doctors give consulting,    none could examine her because she got severe fear. One of the gynaecologist examined her after making her unconscious with an injection. Did an operation to make her private part big so that we can do sex easily.  After that also we couldn’t do sex. Then consulted another gynaecologist who did some dilatation after making her unconscious by an injection. But there was no improvement. Then the gynaecologist referred us to this hospital.  Then we took appointment and first met Dr. Promodu. He said this is severe vaginusmus . He advised to stay here for 2 weeks for sex therapy. Then we admitted here on 13/06/16, and we were discharge on this hospital 29/06/16 after successful treatment for vaginismus. Now we can lead a normal sexual life. 
We came to Dr. Promodu’s Hospital after being treated for more than 9 years and were absolutely hopeless about becoming parents. Having a baby had become such a distant dream for us. Now me and my wife are very happy. Honestly speaking without your support our life would have been in darkness. Dr. Promodu with his charismatic scientific treatment for Vaginismus and assistance cured us very fastly, now I would like to express my gratitude & thanks to Dr. Promodu and his crew for their splendid job.  

12.07.2016                                                                                                    Mr & Mrs Liju