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CDDU Study of Penile Erection

It is also known as doppler color flow mapping, doppler test for penile erection, penile doppler, penile color doppler etc. It is a form of ultrasound that allows physicians to see the structure and blood flow through blood vessels. It is used to evaluate penile blood flow, venous leak, signs of artherosclerosis, and scarring or calcification of erectile tissue. A vasodialator drug is injected to the corpus cavernosa of the penis. Ultrasound is then used to gauge the arterial dilation, peak systolic velocity, end diastolic velocity and other parameters. Systematic, repeated, multiple, measurements are taken at various time intervals. Only an expert can interpret the findings correctly. At Dr. Promodus Institute we have done more than 1500 CDDU in the last four years. It is one of the major tests we use to identify the vascular etiology of erectile problems. In our Institute a medical team with Andrologist, Sonologist and Clinical Psychologist do this test and interpret the findings jointly to cover all aspects of the study.


CDDU Study of Penile Erection